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Our products have a main feature: 100% Italian.

Antico Casale dei Conti was founded in Campania in a land where products, thanks to favorable climatic conditions, complete their life cycle in a healthy way, according to Mother Nature regular times. With our high-quality production we strive for excellence, providing final customers with original Mediterranean taste.
Our production starts outside the company and it is structured into 2 phases: an accurate choice of the production yards and a careful examination of the raw materials. That’s why our products are always fresh and comply with precise quality standards. Throughout all the production process, we carry out many laboratory quality controls to regularly evaluate the actual quality of the final product in order to sell it in national and international market with excellent and unbeatable value for money.

We offer the market only those products that we know at best.
These are the same products that we bring to our tables. Behind what we eat there must be passion and responsibility, the values our brand brings around world, the symbol of the quality and the excellence of the Italian cooking.